What is PATA...

 PATA is a pension  TPA (Third Party Administrator) that performs all of the annual duties  associated with a retirement plan.  PATA works with individuals,  financial advisors,CPAs and attorneys assisting in establishing and  maintaining  pension plans.  Using state of the art administration  software PATA establishes retirement plans by providing and completing  an IRS approved qualified retirement plan document on your behalf.  PATA  can and will -  determine participant eligibility, calculate the annual  contribution, reconcile the pension’s investment trust, prepare and  file electronically the form 5500 and applicable schedules, generate  distribution packages, and complete 1099Rs for terminated participants.   In short, PATA will do all of the tedious work associated with running a  retirement plan except sell you the assets.  

PATA History...

 Pension  Administration and Trust Accounting was established in the fall of  1983.  Originally the pension department of a small financial planning  firm, PATA began as the result of a “restructuring”.  Never looking back  PATA continues to service  retirement plans for small closely held  professional corporations and successful self-employed individuals. 

From  the beginning to the present PATA has held on to most of its original  clients due to timely personal service.  PATA’s source of new clients is  through referrals by financial advisors, CPAs, attorneys, the internet  or from other satisfied clients.  

Thank  you for considering PATA for your retirement plan needs.  PATA looks  forward to establishing and or servicing your pension plan.