401k Pension Plans for businesses and Individuals

Solo 401k Plan ~ Mega ROTH Solo 401k

The  Solo 401k plan is a great plan for individuals who do not employ any  employees and don't expect to having any in the foreseeable future.   It's easy to setup, inexpensive to operate and maintain, and allows the  plan sponsor the best way to save for their retirement.

Thanks  to the Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001  (EGTRRA) small businesses (whose only employee is the owner) can open  and contribute to a self-employed 401K plan.  Finally, a great tax break  strictly geared to benefit the smallest business owners!  On top of the  tax break, the self-employed 401K offers other benefits for small  business owners. 

We are in the business of establishing and  maintaining retirement plans, have been since 1983.  The Solo plan is a  straightforward plan for the individual who has no eligible employees  besides his/herself.  It allows for larger annual retirement plan  contributions than the SEP or traditional profit sharing plan.   It is  in our eyes a great plan for the owner only business.  

          SOLO 401K plan features


  • Loans are allowed… up to $50,000 or 50% of your vested balance
  • Accepts Rollovers… Consolidate your retirement funds into one plan, rollover investments from other plans and IRAs 
  • Contribution flexibility…  You decide what to contribute each year, if anything!! A 401k plan is a  profit sharing plan.  Profit sharing plans do not have a mandatory  contribution requirement.  You can contribute anything from 0% to 25% of  your compensation.
  • Voluntary After Tax Contributions...  The Mega Roth Solo 401k design utilizes voluntary after tax contributions to further boost funding towards retirement.  If unfamiliar with the concept be sure to inquire to ensure you have your facts straight.
  • Deferral deadline...  Deferrals must be deposited prior to December 31.
  • Employer contribution deadline.... The maximum 25% employer contribution must be deposited prior to filing the business’ tax return.
  • No annual filing requirement...  If  the total plan assets are less than $250,000 (including  contributions that may be receivable at year end) then the IRS gives you  a "BYE" with regarding to filing the necessary form 5500 and schedules
  • Investments…  Many plan sponsors are using us to establish a Solo plan because it is  possible to use any investment option available…  Vanguard, American  Funds, Schwab, Merrill Lynch etc.   With our document you can invest in  pension suitable investments on your own or use your existing personal  financial planner.  The document that we use has no affiliation with any  investment firm allowing the plan sponsor to invest the plan’s assets  wherever s/he feels fit.
  • Inexpensive to establish and maintain…  Because we are not affiliated with any fund family or investment house,  there is a fee to establish a Solo401k plan (not that a large mutual  fund will not charge a setup fee).  The fee is a one-time fee and is  more often than not less expensive than other plans out there.  Once the  plan is established there is an annual document fee that keeps the plan  in compliance with the tax code pertaining to retirement plans. 

The Document

The  Plan Document that we use is an IRS approved Volume Submitter  (prototype format) document.  An approved  document has been reviewed by  the IRS and determined to be compliant with the IRS code governing  pension plans.  The benefit of the document we use is that if the IRS decides to amend the IRS code governing pension plans, your plan will  automatically be covered!   For this service, there is an annual  document usage fee of $175/year.  It is a fee to maintain the plan's  document on our system.  Unless you have an annual administration  performed that $175 fee would be all it will cost to maintain your plan  from year to year! 

How to Establish a Solo with us?

To  establish a Solo for a one-time low cost setup fee of $375*, click on  the “Solo Application” button above, complete the forms, and submit.   That’s it!  Your application will be processed and your plan documents  will be returned to you via email. 

Looking to setup a Solo 401(k)?

The Solo 401(k) plan is a very popular plan. The link below will take you to a form where you can apply and receive your Solo 401(k) plan document instantly!